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school bus trip in missouri ended in a deadly chain collision crash. and more than a year later go it is leading to a call for an outright ban on drivers using mobile phones. >> and yes, that does apply to blue tooth, handheld, hands-free. it is both the visual and the cognitive distractions and the manual distractions that we're concerned about. >> reporter: one of the most sweeping recommendations ever by the national transportation safety board. >> it may seem like a very quick call. a very quick text. a tweet or an update. but accidents happen in the blink of an eye. >> reporter: drivers could still use gps or other devices that aid driving, and passengers wouldn't be affected. but the ntsb's call is only a recommendation. in the 2010 missouri crash, the ntsb found a 19-year-old pickup truck driver had exchanged numerous text messages before slamming into a truck and being hit by two school buses. >> we did not set out looking
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for a driver distraction accident. the driver distraction found us. >> reporter: it has been cited in the fatal commuter train accident in california, a deadly boat collision in philadelphia and a passenger jet that strayed 100 miles past its destination. but investigators say the true toll of distracted driving is impossible to measure. while a phone ban may be inconvenient -- >> death is inconvenient. >> reporter: a new drive to force american motorists to put down their phones. the ntsb says it will be working auto and phone manufacturers to find new ways to make drivers hang up. brian moore, nbc news, washington. >> roughly 20% of all drivers admit they texted while driving. the average goes up to 50% when the drivers are between the ages of 21 and 24. a surprise development today in the penn state sex abuse scandal. the former assistant football coach jerry sandusky walked out
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of the courtroom moments after his preliminary hearing was called to order. it is a move that will keep the accusers from having to testify for several months. craig melvin was in the courtroom today. he joins us live from there. >> reporter: good afternoon to you. it was flat out stunning this morning. we had been expecting to hear from a handful of the alleged victims here at the courthouse. as you mentioned, three minutes, roughly three minutes after the preliminary hearing started, there was a side bar and then all of a sudden we heard that jerry sandusky and his attorney had decided to forego that preliminary hearing. over the week the attorney that we have seen and heard from so very much over the past month said this preliminary hearing, what happened. just yesterday he said the preliminary would happen. apparently there was a conversation between amendola and the prosecution yesterday afternoon. the prosecution assured him that they would not seek to raise the
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$250,000 bail, and amendola learned that he would not be able to ask serious questions of the witnesses. by that i mean he would not be able to really go after the credibility of some of those witnesses. so he decided with his client and the new co-counsel last night that they would forego the preliminary hearing. a number of the alleged victims that had gathered here at the courthouse. they were prepared to testify. >> for jerry sandusky, what happens next? >> for jerry sandusky, in addition to foregoing the preliminary hearing everything also decided to forego the january 11th arraignment as well. today he entered his guilty verdict. he requested a jury trial. i spoke to mr. amendola and he said he expected a trial date to be set. he expected it to happen sometime after june of next year. so that's what is next for jerry sandusky. until then, he will remain on house arrest, that $250,000 bail
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is still in if he can as well. >> and craig, did we learn anymore about how his lawyer plans to defend him? >> reporter: we learn a great deal. what happened here, instead of having what was probably going to be a day's worth of stomach churning detail from these alleged victims, it ended up being a two-hour press conference by joe amendola. he spoke for an hour and then he went to about every reporter and talk to them at length. and it appears as if based on what he said, that his strategy will be to attack the credibility of the witnesses. to attack the credibility of the ten victims who have come forward so far. >> craig melvin with the latest from the sandusky hearing there in pennsylvania. thank you, craig. a construction work he in gaithersburg seriously injured this morning when he was knocked into a deep trench. this happened at the intersection of washington grove
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lane and mid county highway. montgomery county police say a ride-on bus hit a large traffic cone. that cone hit the man, knocked him into the trenth. it was about 16 feet deep. he was expected to recover. osha is investigating. surveyors in wood bridge made a grisly discovery today. they came across a badly decomposed body. they made the discovery near dale boulevard and bone eat a fitzgerald drive. the prince william police are trying to figure out who the person is and how he or she died. we're learning more about the man who was killed by d.c. police during a confrontation last night. this happen after police say he opened fire at sever houses and it appears it wasn't his first run-in with the law. now live from the northeast washington neighborhood where all of this unfolded. pat? >> reporter: the gunman killed by police here last night recently got out of jail.
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he was doing time for a gun conviction. the man who died in a shoot-out with police identified today as 20-year-old michael ezekel epps. according to court recordsering got out of jail for doing time for a gun conviction. what are your feelings about what happened? >> a little numb right now. he's a kid. you know, i know he's 20 years old but he is still a kid in my mind, you know. and just sorry that he had to go out like that will. >> reporter: for almost 24 hours, police worked this huge clay terrace shooting scene. this after officers killed a man in that confrontation last night. police say this began at what they call the horseshoe of clay terrace. they say a man with a gun who appeared to be under the influence of drugs came from that direction, firing shots this way and that way. he continued on down the street.
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firing his weapon. further down, at the foot of the steps, a confrontation with police. more shots fired. that man, that gunman falls dead to the ground. >> officers arriving on the scene. the officers gave commands for the gunman to drop the gun. he did not. the officers fired their weapons at the suspect and he went down. >> reporter: some residents here upset because they claim the gunman dropped his weapon before police opened fire. >> i've seen the police, the boy will the gun. they told him to put the gun down. he put his hands behind his back and he starts and shoots. >> reporter: that's what you saw. >> yes. >> reporter: chief lanier says that accusation is not true. now there was a lot of lead in the air here. i was this story today, a woman walks by and says, welcome to
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the wild, wild west. pat, back to you. >> pat collins, thank you, pat. after several days of interviews, tonight virginia state police are hitting a dead end as they search for a motive in that murder of the virginia tech more. 22-year-old ross ashley, however, police say did legally buy a .40 caliber semiautomatic handgun last year. investigators have not found a connection between ashley and the police officer, derrek kraus. kraus was murdered last thursday and then ashley killed himself. the officer's funeral was yesterday. turning now to the weather. another seasonably cold day but there could be a warm-up on the way. >> doug has the forecast and some christmas lights. >> reporter: yeah, you can say that. also blow-ups or inflatables. whatever you want to call they will. we have them all at this house today in bethesda. we'll be showing you most of the inflatables that we have here. take a look at this.
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there are stories behind each and everyone of them. and of course this one now, a little bit of a fan favorite. you see the grinch coming out of chimney. let's take a look at the forecast and show you how things are shaping up. temperaturewise, it is a little bit on the cool side with the current temperature at 48 degrees. but hey, that's not too bad with winds out of the northwest at eight miles an hour. starting to cool off though oxley in the suburbs. those numbers falling into the low 40s. just know that. 43 in gaithersburg. 46 in leesburg. and coming into manassas with the current temperature of 45 degrees. as far as what we'll be seeing rainwise, the storm 4 doppler radar is all clear. we're not any rain over the next 24 hours. it could be a little different story as we make our way into thursday but we'll talk more about that coming up. your good night wake-up forecast first. dropping to about 40 degrees by 9:00.
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39 by 11:00. up tomorrow morning once again in the mid 30s. it is going to be a rather chilly start out here. and right now we're a little on the cool side. that doesn't seem to bother the neighbors. say hi, guys. we're going to meet the family coming up in just a minute. and we're going to ask them, 81 inflatables. yeah? all right. wait until you see them. >> really? >> we want to hear from them. a proposed law in the district is bad news for college kids who park their out of state cars in nearby residential neighborhoods. they are considering a bill that would eliminate that program that allows students to buy a yearly parking pass for $338. part of the city's efforts to free up in these residential neighborhoods and to encourage students to use mass transportation. students say they depend on these low cost passes. >> i'm a huge environmentalist. i don't own a car. however, one of the things he mentioned was bicycles. and they're great but you can't
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move with a bicycle. you knl move from on campus to off campus. you can't move from one house to another. et cetera, et cetera. cars are really a necessary for certain times of the year. >> the council is considering a separate bill that would lower the speed limits from 25 miles an hour to 15. the d-dot officials say the change may not be effective. it would cost tens of thousands to change the signs. mary chase suggested the 50-mile-per-hour bill may be withdrawn. and they gave the okay to a rate hike. the new plan would raise the per mile rate from 1.50 to. it makes the snow emergency fee $10 for a fair inside the district. the plan also eliminates the surcharges. including the one for extra passengers and a second public hearing on this is scheduled for january. still ahead, a d.c. lawyer
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stopped from breast feeding her baby. >> let me get this straight. you're saying i can't breast feed here. and i said to her, i'm repeating this because i want to make sure i understand exactly what you're saying. >> coming up, the steps she's taking to make sure this doesn't happen again. an elderly woman scraping the ice off her windshield says two attackers came from behind her and stole her vehicle. i'll have more on this story coming up. >> do you feel like your allergies zap your energy? you could be right. a local doctor said he)"esday's.
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baltimore's mayor said it was finally time to enforce the city's anti-camping policy. there were no arrests and no injuries. 24 of the people were moved from the camp are now getting assistance from a local homeless shelter. most people don't think of winter as allergy season. but if you're like millions who are allergic to indoor earl generals, dust mole, mites, you might find yourself sneezing and sniffling and you might find yourself exhausted over the next
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few months. now more on the link between allergies and fatigue. we knew it. we just knew it. >> that's right. usually we're about allergies in the fall and the spring. when the temperature drops outside, the heat kicks in and that can contribute to all sorts of allergies. it not just a stuffy nose and sneezing that you need to worry about. a new study finds that allergies can actually affect the way your brain works. >> i have congestion, a runny nose, my fatigue is a high level. >> i feel like a loss of concentration, i can't really pay attention. >> for these two men, allergies are more than just a sniffle. both men say they can be crippling at times. >> i've tried to work through it and not make it a factor but it is debilitating if you've ever been sick before, you know what it's like when you have the flu.
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very similar. >> it's a disaster. when patients are afflicted with these types of allergies and these allergies are affecting their energy. they cannot wake up in the morning. they are late to work. it affects their moods. it causes irritability. >> a new study is showing allergies affect more than the respiratory system. they can actually be affecting the brain. allergist led the study which looked at 98 patients who suffer from seasonal and environmental allergies. of those patients, 82% said they experienced extreme fatigue and lethargy. but after eight weeks of allergy treatment, 72% felt more awake and had increased energy levels. >> these were healthy individuals. individuals that had a complete check-up with their primary care physicians them don't have any
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other condition. >> the doctor says this is more evidence when allergens enter the body, kell lithey can feel irritable, depressed, even have symptoms similar to attention deficit disorder. other studies have linked fa syndrome. he's bee gety years we've and td[ one the eas but@ feelsmuo he canjh! have they get better. >> he said he's been getting allergy shots for years and it has help him not only breathe easier but he feels like he can enjoy life again. >> the energy levels if from.r i don't even worry about it anymore. >> doctors say this study really shows us the in thatzg; of sknow./hwc/3 because because
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they  >> i ;qzg"pbetter. awholeb that ém ém some >> to ve it was a early darkness coming on. if your heat goes on and it get weath whic nice1é and . >> 81 inflatables behind me. bob, the owner came out and that no, no. don't short change me. i've got 83. wait until you see the ones coming up. with me right now is the family, there is l.a. family. this is bob, lucy. their son tray is right here. their daughter jackie as well. do you want to tell us about what you have going on?
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>> i have 83 inflatables and a few other holiday decorations in my yard. >> when you say in your yard, this goes all the way around the back. >> you started to do this when? >> probably about six or seven years ago. >> right about when you had trey here. >> about a year or two before trey. >> what do you think your favorite one is? >> it's in the backyard. >> reporter: in the backyard, he says. we'll go to the back coming up. this is for you, 83 inflatables come out of your house. you gave me one of these when i saw you earlier. what do you think about all this? >> this is all bob. he chooses to do this and i support his efforts. but he is out here every morning, every night everything. and desing everything. it's all him. when you say supporting his efforts, are you out there helping? >> oh, no. >> when she said it's all bob, i wanted to make sure. all bob. we've got a pretty good forecast.
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last week we saw a lot of rain. bob was worried about the rain but this being, no problems. let's look at this. you know we're dry. the big thing for us is those temperatures. 48 degrees, the current temperature. a little on the cool side. for a december day, not bad at all. temperaturewise around the region, we're sitting in the 40s around the area. winchester at 43 degrees. 45 in culpepper. 45 in frederick. and over toward the east we're looking at 43 toward the eastern shore in easton. what are we going to be seeing over the next couple days? a lot of you said bring on the cold weather. others said bring on the warm he temperatures. that's what we'll see. we'll see the temperature moving above the 50-degree marg. most likely during the day tomorrow and then once again on thursday. as we have a couple of systems that will be moving our way. you can see the numbers. high pressure over the area right now. we'll shift down to the south. that will give us mostly clear skies. increasing clouds during the
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day. i think we'll see partly cloudy skies. and then we'll see increasing clouds throughout the day as the warm front moves across the area. we'll call it partly cloudy but not too bad. the temperatures warming into the low to mid 50s as we move through day on thursday. we see our next frontal boundary coming. that front is going to give us the chance for some shower activity during the afternoon on friday. however, most of it will most likely pass off to the north. so this is not going to be a very wet scenario playing out for us aszy; :18.é we.?ill mov throug the onz winch tomorrow cloudiqise 7:18. ando tomorrow cloudiqise 7:18. ando temperature=ç it pretty. prettp
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only óaty unday deg"' will be on the mild side. the next four 53 drying onl i woulseen, i >> bob has done a lot of cleging. >> how does one store 83 inflatables? >> very good question. >> we'll come back for that. >> okay. thanks. >> see you in a bit. still to come, serious safety and health hazards uncovered at public school [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices...
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in more ways than ever. and our networks are getting crowded. but if congress frees up more wireless spectrum... we can empower more people to innovate... putting momentum behind our economy. and we can reduce the deficit... with more than thirty billion dollars paid by america's wireless companies. it's simple -- more spectrum means more freedom. for everyone.
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a miami police officer had to be rescued from his own cruiser after driving his cruiser up a utility pole. police say he was reaching to pick up a pen when his squad car ran over the wires this morning. seconds later, before he knew it, he went vertical ending up propped up on this pole. the rescue workers had to come
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in and set him free. luckily, no one was injured. >> so what happens when you drop a letter in the mailbox. the national postal museum has a new permanent museum explaining the process. it is called system at work. 5,000 square feet highlights how mail has been process asked delivered for the past 200 years. it features a film taking viewers inside the processing technology. it was shot using specialized cameras. it opens tomorrow. >> coming up, an elderly woman carjack in front of her own house. >> i sort of fought with him a little bit. but he ran and he sped off. >> after the break, her tale of being ambushed as she was trying to scrape frost off her car. and a d.c. lawyer files a complaint. she said she was told to stop brea
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pretty but dangerous things. ways to protect your family are coming up. fast forward through headlines. a surprise change of course for the man at the center of the penn state sex abuse allegations. today former stand coach jerry sandusky waived his right to a preliminary hearing. he is facing more than 50 charges of child sex abuse. he is maintaining his innocence. >> today the ntsb proposed a
5:31 pm
sweeping ban on the use of electronic devices by drivers in motor vehicles. the ban would apply to both hands-held and hands-free. the only exception work for emergencies. a rather freak accident. a construction worker in gaithersburg, a bus hits a large traffic cone near a work site. the cone hits the worker, him into a 16-foot trench. the worker is expected to recover. let's get the latest on the forecast. >> reporter: i would like a trip to hawaii and i would love a vacation to maybe someplace romantic. no? okay. i'll tell you what. coming up over the next couple days, we'll see a little warm-up. >> it is not quite that much. nothing what this guy is dealing with at the north poll. the temperature around the region at 45 in philly. 43 in state college. to the south, 55 in roanoke and 52 in richmond. we are going to see numbers more in the 50s. that could come with some rain. we'll talk more about that chance of rain coming up in a
5:32 pm
couple minutes. by the way, we are going to the back of the house. >> all right. i can't wait for that. thanks, doug. a d.c. lawyer said she was shocked. she was told to stop nursing her baby while she was inside a d.c. building. security guards told her she was breaking the law by nursing in public. it turns out the guards got it all wrong. chris gordon is in our newsroom to explain this. chris? >> reporter: the nursing mother holding her child sat down in a hallway, but a security guard told her she couldn't sit on the floor and had to get up. then another guard scolded her saying, she wasn't allowed to breast feed in the corridor of a public building. and that it was indecent exposure. well, it turns out that both of those security guards were wrong and didn't know the law in this case. she was shocked. then embarrassed and humiliated while breast feeding her 4 and a half-month-old son. it happened in the d.c. department of motor vehicles. she was there to contest a
5:33 pm
ticket when her son got hungry. she went into the hallway to feed him. >> i reach into my diaper bag and grabbed out this cloth diper and put on it top and was nursing the baby. i'm sitting, you can imagine if you're down nursing like this and you're told to get up. i have the child in my arms. i'm struggling to get up. i leaned against the wall. braced my foot on the stroller. still holding the child and then was nursing like. this. >> reporter: that's when a second security guard got involved. >> he told me i was not allowed to breast feed in the public corridor of a government building. i got out a piece of paper and wrote down what she was saying. i couldn't believe what i was hearing. she said this is indecent exposure which shocked me even more. >> reporter: it shocks councilmember jim graham, too, because he wrote the law that allows public breast feeding. >> we need more training in terms of people what the law is. because this lady was entirely
5:34 pm
within her rights under d.c. law to do what she did. >> reporter: we asked people who came here to the department of motor vehicles what they think about what happened here. >> it shouldn't matter where she breast feeds at. a government building or not. she should have been able to feed her baby. >> reporter: and skaurt guard saying it was indecent exposure? >> no. i don't think so. >> if it's the law, then yeah, i believe she should get an apology. >> reporter: the department of motor vehicles made it clear that the security guards in the building are not employed by the gl dmv. they work for a private security firm with a contract by the district. we are told the matter is being investigate asked that the guards have been told that the d.c. code allows a mother to nurse her child in public. but so far, there has been no apology. that is the latest from the newsroom. back to you. >> are they going to do any kind of workshop to explain this to the other guards so this doesn't happen again? >> that's a good point.
5:35 pm
the law has been in effect eastbound months to two years and it -- 18 months to two years and it has to be known citywide. not just these security guards in one public building but across all agencies. >> thanks. tonight a fairfax county father. police were call to the home themselves rushed a 2-month-old to the hospital yesterday. fairfax county police arrested 21-year-old france i reed of vienna on child abuse charges. 2-month-old alber reed died later in the day. the d.c. police are on the hunt for two men who attacked and robbed an elderly woman on her way to church. it happened in the brook land neighborhood. >> reporter: good evening. the victim is 85 years old. she was afraid that her assailants would come after her again so she chose for her
5:36 pm
identity not to be known. but she still told us her story. the victim says last friday started off like any other. she left her home on the 1900 block of shepherd street in northeast d.c. about a quarter to 8:00 heading for early morning church service. when she noticed a pair of unfamiliar faces down the street. she said they were sit go, waiting in a gold car. >> when i opened my door to go out, they were there. >> reporter: they were already there. >> yes. i hadn't seen them before. >> reporter: the woman said she proceeded to turn on her vehicle and scrape off the ice from the windshield while the car warmed up. that's when she says she was bombarded. >> there are two of them. and the first one, the first one i can't be apply purse. >> reporter: she said this man reached in and got away with her belongings. but not before a struggle. ice scraper in hand, she said she used this to try to defend herself. >> i sort of fought with him a little bit.
5:37 pm
but he won. and he sped off. >> reporter: while she was focused on the one assailant, police say a second suspect got behind the wheel and drove away. >> two punks took advantage of a situation where they were able to victimize an older woman. >> reporter: leaving this elderly woman lying on the floor with a banged up knee. no car, and no purse. the suspects remain at large, meanwhile, the victim says she would only ask them one thing. >> would they do such a thing or would they want that type of thing to happen to their mother? >> reporter: police say this type of crime is typically unheard of for the woman's neighbor. and say this was likely a crime of opportunity, as they put it. we're live in northeast d.c. tonight. news4. back to you. >> thanks. still ahead on news4 at 5:00, turn down the volume. the fcc takes up an issue that a lot of folks say will restore
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peace to their households. and stars of a reality show say their show is spreading muslim propaganda. [ female announcer ] at,
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happy holidays. wish i was there.
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those loud tv commercials will eventually get quieter. today the fcc voted unanimously to have the control law. they are going to moderate the level of the commercials to the level surrounding them. the law takes effect next december. a government audit of head start facilities has uncovered an unselling pattern of safety violations at some center around the country. more than 90% of those reviewed had toxic chemicals or cleaning supplies within reach of preschoolers. more than half had playground equipment in poor, even dangerous condition. one case, a machete was found near a play area. inle cases, the required criminal background checks hadn't been conducted on the staff. head start provides early education services to nearly 1 million chil verizon center ton.
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dan will explain. holiday decorating is a tradition for many of us. are you keeping your family safe? >> last year, 13,000 people ended up in emergency rooms as a result of holiday decorating accidents and more than 100 people die each year in fires. today the consumer product safety commission demonstrated just how dangerous this time of year can be. >> we're trying to be as vigilant as possible.
5:45 pm
>> reporter: at the consumer product safety commission testing center in rockville, maryland, the chairman and her team showed us the reality of holiday hazards. how a live dried out-team tree like this one can go up in flames in just seconds. >> a dried out christmas tree can burn faster than newspaper. always have a person in your family who is the designated waterer. make sure that tree is watered every single day. >> reporter: if you buy a tree, make sure it is water resistant. >> please don't use a string of lights where some work and some don't. that composes a fire hazard. >> reporter: avoid lights that may have a broken socket or damaged cord. >> take a look. look for cracked sockets. look for frayed wires. if you see them, throw them away. >> reporter: they test products such as holiday lights for fire and mechanical hazards. the government warns against buying counterfeit lights. >> if you buy counterfeit lights that don't have a safety seal,
5:46 pm
then you're asking for trouble. >> reporter: safety seals signify the lights meet u.s. standards. for example, the ul logo. you want to make sure you know the difference between indoor and outdoor strands. ul's red label signifies it is safe to be used outside. as new products hit the mark, testers say they appear to be getting safer. >> the products are actually maybe getting better. we see a lot of l.e.d. lighting being used for light strings. and the l.e.d. lighting takes much less energy so the chance of overloading extension cords is much reduced. >> reporter: candles can be deadly. an average of 130 deaths each year over a three-year period from fires started by candles. they remind consumers to keep them away from furniture, decorations, curtains, and other evergreens. >> all of these things, if you're aware that they pose a hazard, can keep you and your family safe. >> reporter: one more warning.
5:47 pm
cpsc says don't use metal nails or staples when your lights outside. could you damage the wiring which could cause a shock and also pose as fire hazard. back to you. >> thanks. >> be safe out there. a group of soldiers received some well deserved treats today. virginia's first lady along with the base's officer wives club help make and deliver the packages. >> the burk quest evening, where does one store 83 inflatables when they aren't blown up in the front and backyard at christmas time? >> where o where? >> reporter: this is the backyard. we showed you the front yard. take a look at some of the ones in the backyard here. you love these. they got the carousels, a ferris wheel and then you have santa klaus who apparently is without his sleigh to get from house to house. let's show you the temperatures. we are on the cool side but you
5:48 pm
already know that. the temperature into the 40s for the most part. already some 30s. 37 way back to the west in west virginia. look at 39 right now in gaithersburg. that's the cool spot. overnight lows are going to be on the chilly side but they won't be all that cold. we're looking at temperature a little warmer than last night. 26 in frederick, 26 in the leesburg area, 25 in manassas. tomorrow, temperatures bumping up a little bit. we'll see partly to mostly sunny skies. temperatures around 52 degrees. we're looking at 49 in gaithersburg. leesburg at 51. and over the next couple of days, even warm he on thursday with a slight chance for some shower activity. that's really going to be about it. we dry out as we head into the weekend. the question that you've been asking, first off, what do you think of these? what do you think people think, the community thinks about your display? >> probably a little extravagant. maybe flamboyant. a little over the top. >> reporter: wendy wants to know, where do you keep them? >> until last year, they were in
5:49 pm
my garage. this year you decided to move them into storage because i wanted some garage space. >> reporter: when you went from 81 to 83, it was that move that made it a storage unit. there you go, pat and wendy. a storage unit that is 98 miles away. >> all right. >> we figured that. okay. >> still impressive and lovely. >> yes, indeed. let's to go dan now at verizon center where the caps take on the flyers. >> reporter: the capitals haven't played in a while since friday. but things do seem to be getting better and better for this team. they've won two in a row for the first time under new head coach dale hunter trying to make the three in a row against the conference leading flyers tonight. dennis wideman coming off a career game friday night. two goals, two assists. almost a hat trick. that's kind of a funny story in its own right. i caught up with wideman a few minutes ago and he said he knows what he needs to do to keep
5:50 pm
things going. obviously the power play lately, until recently has not been doing well. how important is that to the team? >> i mean, as soon as we started to take our slide and started to lose a bunch of game in a row interesting first thing you noticed was our power play was going 0 for every night. i want to build off that. >> reporter: you had a great night the other night. how many guys in the nhl would score a hat trick and then give it back. >> i knew right away it wasn't a hat trick. so it was pretty easy to give him that back. but i knew, i sawett hit brooks' shin pad. >>. >> reporter: he was given the media silent treatment. he was not going to say he actually deflected it in. >> we both knew right away. as soon as he came to the pile. i think he tried to get out of the way but it hit him. he was just being a good guy. >> reporter: that would have
5:51 pm
been the first hat trick by a caps defenseman since 2000. >> since sergei gonchar, right? i don't think he will get the tub to get too many hat contribution. it would have been special but it was a good night. good to get to the power play goals. >> reporter: are you a guy if you find a $100 bill, would you take it to security or would you put in it your pocket? >> i would take to it security. >> reporter: where is this team right now? in the progression with dale. oxley it takes time to adjust to a different style of play. how far along do you think you are? >> i think we've been getting better every game. we're still having our odd breakdown in the d-zone that is giving up chances but against good teams, they'll get good scoring chances. we'll try to limit them. i think we're coming along nicely. i think we have some steps to go but we're getting better. >> reporter: how much of a measuring stick is this game tonight against the flyers? >> well, the flyers are probably one of the best cycling teams in the league. they're always really, really tough to break pucks out against. so i think for us tonight, if we
5:52 pm
can minimize the scoring chances and try to shut them down, i think it will be big for us. >>. >> reporter: this hasn't been an underdog team. is it weird to be in an underdog role? >> for as long as we've been here, we felt we could win every game. we had a bit of a slump. going into this game we know it will be hard and i think it will be good for us. >> reporter: i don't think the. dennis wideman and the rest capitals ever think of themselves as underdogs. the flyers come to town without their leading scorer. he has a could be cushion but they do have jaromir jagr. his first since his return to the nhl. jagr having a very good season. 24 points. that's more points than the
5:53 pm
capitals zone, alex ovechkin. it will be good to see. >> an interesting night. thanks. here's what we're working on tonight for news4 at 6:00. jim vance joins us. >> a surprise move by jerry sandusky, the former assistant football coach. he still insists he is innocent against the charges made against him. we'll tell you the top five metro stations that rank the worst for crime. and we'll report why donald trump has decided not to moderate an upcoming
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
back lash against a retail giant that pulled its ads from a tv show about muslim americans. if home improvement store lowe's is facing criticism artist pulled ads from a show. >> they had become lightning rod complaints, especially from conservative christian groups. now one of the stars of that show is speaking out of kevin tibbles has the latest. >> reporter: it's a reality show that looks like many other reality shows on tv.
5:57 pm
a slice of life in manager. five people from dearborn, michigan, and all the ups and downs along the way. it's called all american muslim on tlc. a window into the world of manager's islamic communicate. one of its stars is a 32-year-old judicial aide for the dearborn district court. sue. >> hoping to dispel the miss conceptions and stereo type that people have of muslims in this country will. >> reporter: one florida organization accuses all american muslim of trying to undermine american values. >> islam is a progressive ideology that wants to dominate the world. >> reporter: the florida family association launched an online campaign encouraging followers to petition the show's sponsors to pull their ads. >> we are concerned that americans are being fed propaganda that is not complete as it relates to islam. >> reporter: home improvement giant lowe's is the latest in what the group claims is a group
5:58 pm
of some 65 advertisers who have left. >> it's just sad that people feel that they need to respond to bigots. >> reporter: in a statement lowe's says all american muslim has become a lightning rod for people to voice complaints. but adds, we have a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion and we're proud of that longstanding commit many. if we have made anyone question that commitment, we apologize. in dearborne where some 30% of the population is in arab descend, hurt and anger. ? i think it's wrong that they think we're terrorists. >> reporter: and on twitter. i see that lowe's has caved to those promoting ignorance and tolerance. last time checked this was still the united states of manager where businesses are free to advertise where and how they want. hip hop artist russell simmons tweeted, just purchased remaining spots for all american muslim for next week. the show is now sold out.
5:59 pm
keep your money, lowe's and we will keep ours. >> that was kevin tibbles reporting. that's it for news4 at 5:00. >> news4 at 6:00 starts right now. a barrage of bullets rattle a d.c. neighborhood. tonight, new details about the gunman who fired off shots randomly before being killed by police. >> yet another showdown over whether to extend the pay roll tax cut. a new deal on the table. we'll tell why you the president is threatening to veto it. a federal agency is calling for a nationwide ban on all cell phone use behind the wheel. >> good evening. today was supposed to be the day accusers would finally face jerry sandusky in court. instead, the former penn state assistant football coach waived his right too preliminary hearing, sending the sex abuse
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